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JagWonder Music: A Soulful Experience

Spoken Soul


JagWonder's debut album includes soulful poetic spoken word flow to music. Every piece is intricately woven into a different genre of melodic fusion.

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Thoughts of a Dreamer


Thoughts of A Dreamer is Jag's Sophmore Album. Inspirational poetry and a couple songs like the favorite "Just B" makes this album great for any age group. it will lift your spirits on a cloudy day.

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JagWonder is a multitalented soulful Vocalist, Songwriter, Poetess, Spoken Word Artist as well as a Visual Artist

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JagWonder Creations is a space to experience the creative works of amazing artist, JagWonder. We showcase a collection of Jag's jewelry, art, book(s), poetry and music. Visit our one stop shop and indulge in a fun musical and visual adventure.
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Meet the Artist

As a singer/songwriter JagWonder performs both original and cover musical and spoken word selections fusing various genres including, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Neo Soul, R&B and Calypso. Her albums also feature different musical genres. She’s an Author, Poetess and Visual Artist. She incorporates art and poetry into her performances.

JagWonder Music

 Jag’s debut album "Spoken Soul" is still a favorite with fans.  Her sophomore album "Undeclared" comprises of a mixture songs and poetic spoken word. Her third album, “Thoughts of a Dreamer”, features a combination of inspirational poetry  and songs.

JagWonder Jewelry 

As Covid19 caused social challenges, Jag turned her attention to creatively introspective projects. What started as an artistic distraction, quickly turned into an beautifully unique fashion jewelry business. Jag’s Jewelry Collection showcases a variety of unique handmade Crystals and semi-precious gemstone pieces that will enhance your natural beauty.

JagWonder Books 

In November, 2020 Jag completed and published her first book, "Portraits of Love: A Book of Poetic Thoughts". It’s filled with poetic thoughts and insights. It also features some of Jag’s artwork.

Though the world is quickly changing, we look forward to the laid back, jazzy fluidity we’ve come to enjoy from Jag and her creations. So stay tuned as Jag extends her creative wings to even further heights. For you are sure to to find something here that fits  your style!

“Thank you so much! We appreciate your visit and your business!”
xoxo ~JagWonder

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